The Truth About Exfoliating

We know you KNOW you should exfoliate before spray tanning or self tanning, but do you really know how?

Spoiler alert: the loofah is not gonna cut it, babe. #SorryNotSorry

Here's the lowdown on the proper way to ditch that dry skin.

1. Begin by taking a long, hot shower or bath.

2. Cleanse skin using a liquid body wash without moisturizers. (This means no Dove!)

3. While skin is still damp, use our Exfoliating Mitt to scrub skin. You should see dead skin or old spray tan residue peeling off.

4. Rinse, dry off, apply lotion, & admire your new soft skin.

For best results, we always suggest exfoliating at least 24 hours prior to tanning.